Counseling support through life unlimited

Today's working women are faced with the biggest challenge of attaining a realistic balance between work and home. While she strives continuously to attain this balance, she is faced with several stressful situations, which affects her overall motivation to work and productivity in office. Recognising the challenges that women face in today's 'Transitional Times' (where a woman's traditional expectations are still very strong), the Aditya Birla Group brings presents 'Life Unlimited' - our counselling initiative to cope with the various stress points in life. What counselling essentially does is that it guides and motivates a person by giving an unbiased point of view, helping the person in arriving at her own decisions. It promotes overall wellness and helps a person balance life and work better. Santulan EAP, a leading provider of emotional and behavioural health services in India, will be providing counselling services to our managerial employees and their family members.

Key features of Life Unlimited include:

  1. 100 counsellors in India​
  2. 42 locations available for face-to-face counselling
  3. Availability of toll-free number
  4. 24X7 counselling facility
  5. 24 hours response time to your counselling query​
  6. Special requests like regional language requirements, gender, and location specifications will be taken care.​